Any traveller would agree that Italy’s visit would be incomplete without taking one of its popular tuscan wine tours. Tuscany is a region in Italy best known for its vineyards and wine production. For those who are unaware, travellers can find plenty of wine tasting tours throughout the region. Why is a Tuscan wine tour considered so special? Let us see what makes it an unmissable experience.
The speciality of Tuscan wine tours
• Taste locally made wine.
Wine lovers know the joy of getting to taste the wine that was made locally. Rather than drinking the same wine at a bar thousands of miles away, tasting it at the winery that produces the wine’s raw materials gives a new experience altogether. Surrounded by the picturesque Tuscan landscape, travellers can soak in the locality’s charm while on a wine tour.

• Get the history
Tuscany is home to wineries that families have been running for generations. These people are passionate about the work they do. Thus, while you get to taste a delectable selection of wines, the tour guides also give quirky historical facts about the place, the business and the wines.

• The delicious local food
Wine tours are almost always accompanied by local cuisine. Also, when in Italy, there is no better compliment for wine than the delicious Italian food.
Things to check
To have an experience of a lifetime, travellers should check a few things before booking a wine tour.
The group size – Experienced travel agencies run wine tours in small groups so that each individual gets to experience every inch of the Tuscan vineyard legacy to the fullest. With large groups, interaction with the winery owners will be difficult. Thus, travellers must enquire and choose tours that have a small group size.