Locks are one of the most important things for any house. Every year, an estimated 2 million houses are broken into. To keep one’s house safe, it is essential to know about the different types of locks for houses. One can then contact a reputable Locksmith New Orleans to get the lock of their choice installed.
The types of locks
Here is an updated list of the safest types of locks for residential purposes.
• Touchscreen lock
It is an advanced type lock that doesn’t require a key to unlock. Instead, one can connect the lock with multiple smart home systems to control the locking and unlocking. Thus, one can remotely control the lock and even view the log of activity. Touchscreen locks are built with a fingerprint-resistant screen to prevent wearing off.

• Padlock
This kind of lock comes with a keypad. The keypad comprises a couple of pre-programmed codes to unlock the door. The user is free to set their code as well. Padlocks can be keyed or keyless. Under each category, there are many more sub-types of padlocks.

• Portable travel door lock
People in apartments, those who shift houses frequently or travel often can use a portable travel lock. It is a compact device that easily fits into a purse. It consists of a stainless-steel plate that prevents unlocking from a key. Thus, burglars cannot gain access with duplicate keys or other means.
The final word
Irrespective of the door lock that one installs, one should consult an experienced locksmith in New Orleans for installation. Locks are prone to wear and tear and may get stuck sometimes. Ensure that the locksmith responds to emergencies, or can at least guide the client over a call, to minimize the damage until a professional can look at it.