Pet carriers are basically small portable cages, crates, or boxes used to safely transport small domestic animals like cats, hamsters, small dogs, mini lap dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, chickens, and etc, from one place to another. These carriers are an important and essential item for anyone who has a pet at home. There are two types of pet strollers: manual and automatic. Manual pet strollers come with a handle or lever that you can pull by hand and can be operated either way around; while the automatic pet strollers have a control knob that you cat carrier can operate either way and is usually operated using a leash.

The pet stroller I am going to discuss is the Gold Series expandable carrier. This carrier has a convenient front flap where you can simply fold the cat carrier so that it is easy to carry the cat inside and also provides additional storage room underneath with compartments and pockets for other necessary items. If you look at most regular cat carriers, you will notice that they typically do not have much room for extra stuff, unless you get the custom built cat carrier.

So, what to consider when shopping for a cat carrier? The first thing is the weight of the carrier. The weight of the carrier will depend greatly on how many times the cat will be jumping in and out of the carrier. However, there are several types of cat carriers to consider, here are some of them:

-The Shoshi lightweight Cat Carrier (the Gold Series Expandable Carrier) This carrier has an extremely comfortable design and is made from high quality materials that make it very sturdy. The carrier is very simple to use. It has a handle that you can turn around 180 degrees and this will allow your cat to enter and exit the carrier comfortably. The carrier also has two extra handles on each side that you can pull up slightly for your cat to enter and exit the carrier. It also folds flat, making it very convenient to store in a small space.

-The Qui Tam Carrier (Black) This cat carrier has a very attractive black color and comes with an adjustable handle that allows you to turn the cat’s neck completely around to face the door (in case he gets too tired to walk in). The carrier also has an extra large cushion for your cat to sleep on, a solid floor mat and an inside zippered pocket for your things. The inside zippered pocket is great for your cat to put his toys in. The quilted and durable material of this carrier is very soft and comfy. It is also very easy to clean.

-The Exo Terra Lightweight Adult Cat Carrier (the Tuff Carriers) This carrier is made out of durable 600D polyester that is very resistant to tear and abrasion. It is also very lightweight, which makes it very easy to carry. This carrier comes with a sturdy shoulder strap that makes it comfortable to carry as well. This carrier also has an expandable mesh side panel that will protect your cat from cold or hot weather. The mesh side panel also helps to keep your cat from feeling trapped when trying to walk out of the carrier.