Majority of health experts believe that the chia seeds could aid in weight loss. It has soluble fibers which absorb a lot of water, expanding in the stomach which increases the fullness while slowing down the food absorption. There are several studies which have examined the glucomannan, a soluble fiber working in a similar way, showed that it can lead to loss of weight.
Also, the protein that is contained in the chia seeds might help in reducing food intake and appetite. In fact, there is a study which found out that to eat chia seeds for breakfast reducing food intake and increasing satiety in the short term.
But there are studies which examined the effectiveness of the chia seeds for loss of weight have provided instead of results which are disappointing. In the study, about 90 people who were overweight and 50 grams of the chia seeds each day for about 12 weeks didn’t have body weight effect or the health markers.
In another study of 10 weeks there 62 women chia seedsdidn’t have an effect on their body but increased the omega-3 fat that was in the blood. In contrast to that, there is a 6 month study carried out in obese people that had type 2-diabetes on a diet of reduced calorie which found that chia seeds daily caused a weight loss that was great impact.
Though chia seeds addition to your diet is not going to cause any weight loss on its own, according to most experts, they believe that they can be useful in adding to a diet of weight loss. A diet of weight loss is more than one single food. The whole diet matters and other lifestyle behaviors including exercise and sleep are quite necessary.
When you combine the chia seeds with a healthy lifestyle and real food based diet, it might help in promoting loss of weight.