Sometimes situations call for you to do something about your locks. You might have moved to a new house, or lost your keys and are afraid they are in someone’s inappropriate position, or you could just want to change your locks for a new design and new look.

This is probably where you heard the terms Auto locksmith / changing locks, and re-keying. Both are services offered by a locksmith but they mean different things. It is therefore important to find a qualified and competent locksmith, to carry out this job for you.
The Difference between Re-keying and Lock Replacement

Lock replacement is easy to define. It is simply what it exactly sounds like, replacing a lock/ locks. It means changing the entire lock, including all the parts. This is usually more expensive as it requires you to buy a whole new lock set-up. There are many reasons that may contribute to your wanting to change your locks;

● The first reason that calls for changing locks is when you are upgrading your security system. This, no cap, needs a whole replacement, new locks, different kinds of locks, and buying all the different parts.

● You might also want to change the design, the type, the color, or the look of your lock. This is also a practice that will call for a whole new lock system.

On the other hand, re-keying a lock is quite different. This only calls for a change of pins or tumblers in the lock, so you don’t need to change the lock.

This means changing the key for the lock, but actually keeping the lock itself. By changing the key, the old key would not work even if the lock is the same. There are different scenarios you might want to re-key your lock;

● If you lose your keys and are afraid of someone else having them, re-keying is quite the best option. You might go for lock replacement, but that would be a whole, time-consuming, expensive, and unnecessary option. Re-keying is the best, quickest, and cheap solution, effective and safe.

● You might also want to change the keys if you move into a new house and are not feeling safe about who else has a copy of the keys for the locks.